I wrote the following post on my personal blog and want to share my thoughts with you. Obama has an eye for the future and the future does not contain British prime minister, Gordon Brown. 


Yesterday we learned David Cameron is due to meet Barack Obama next week when the president is in London. Gordon Brown will be livid and David Cameron will think all his Christmases have come at once. It is a sign the Obama administration knows the Conservative Party is odds-on to win the next general election. 

What does this mean for the so called special relationship? Well, I have almost finished Obama’s book, ‘The Audacity of Hope.’ In the section on foreign policy, there is a distinct anti-British tone. I imagine his views have been influenced by his Kenyan ancestry and his dislike of British imperialism. He certainly doesn’t seem to have the admiration of Churchill his predecessor had; some would say for obvious reasons. 

My hunch is we will see a cooling off of relations between the US and Britain; at least for the remainder of the Brown government. Perhaps he will view David Cameron in a different light and they will probably have more in common with each other than Obama has with Brown. I also imagine other world leaders will marginalise the prime minister. If it is good enough for Obama to meet Cameron, then it will be good enough for them too. Despite his grandstanding around the world and his wish to be the first European leader to meet President Obama and address both Houses’ of Congress (both wishes coming true), expect Brown to have the most difficult twelve months a prime minister has had since Jim Callaghan. He is unpopular not only at home, but with other European and world leaders. If the latter can take the chance to forge a new relationship with his likely successor, they will. 
– Andrew Allison