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Generally, I would stay away from controversy.  Okay, well – not entirely.  What I generally don’t like are petty, personal, “female” attacks.  That’s why I chose to share this cartoon.  As a protocol & etiquette fanatic… I have been less than impressed by President and First Lady Obama’s trip to Europe.  (Very soon, we’ll all be drowning in photos of 44 (Obama) at the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.  So, before I get too angry:


It’s not too bad.  And I include it, from Diversity Lane, only to note that I am not impressed by Mrs. Obama’s manners.  She has done the bare minimum, and with the exception of cradling the queen with her long, toned arms, she has behaved adequately.  Unfortunately, she has the title of First Lady.  She should be preeminent, the ne plus ultra of feminine mystique and refined manner.  I don’t like Barbie.  And I don’t like Michelle Obama as First Lady.  

Surely, someone must have former FLOTUS Laura Bush’s phone number on speed dial.  Who can forget her iconic moment in France?


What a lady.

—Media Lizzy