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Last night on the ACM’s, Sugarland performed… oh how I love, love, love them.  Like a few other songs belted out by Jennifer Nettles – this one is just amazing.   This is what love sounds like, right at the beginning – and every morning when the first voice you hear is the one that “gets” you.  When the last voice you hear are the sweetest whispers in the world.

Yes, there’s a recession.  Yes, we still have a GWOT. (Global War on Terror) Even though our President isn’t keen on fighting it.  It’s okay.  No matter what, we still have lives to live.  Children to raise.  Meals to cook.  Sunshine to enjoy.  Rain to dance in.  So… remember how your heart raced, then slowed down with the knowing that comes when it’s finally right.  When you’ve found home.

—Media Lizzy