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It makes me happy.  On this Easter Sunday, Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips leapt to his freedom… swimming away from Somali (and Islamic) Pirates that held him for the last several days.  Fox News and CNN are both reporting US Navy SEALs gave an assist to Phillips – capturing one Pirate, and killing three others.  Captain Phillips is now aboard the USS Bainbridge and the nightmare is over.

Kudos to TF151, the Seals, and Capt. Phillips.


Actually, folks… President Obama didn’t authorize any specific action – nor was he personally involved.  He simply re-authorized the standing ROE.  The ROE (Rules of Engagement) already provided for the Captain of the USS Bainbridge & the OIC of SEAL Team 6 to engage the enemy, in either CRT or Sniper fire to save the life of US Flagged Maersk Alabama ship Captain Phillips.

Read CBS’ take HERE. And The American Prospect has additional data HERE.

The only primary people deserving of credit are the US Navy SEALs who utilized the one-shot, one-kill policy, and executed it flawlessly.

I also find it fascinating that folks who decried former President George W Bush & any lives (ours, or the enemy’s) lost as a enormous tragedy – are the same folks in a state of masturbatory & pre-climactic glee over three pirates who died on Obama’s watch. Those folks didn’t believe in killing bad guys before – but now US Navy SEALs are heroes? Where have they been the last eight years? Where have they been the last forty years?

Read US Navy Admiral Gortney’s official briefing transcript on the rescue HERE.

—Media Lizzy