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CBS’ iconic program Sunday Morning will air a profile of GOP Whip Eric Cantor this weekend:

Democrats in Washington call him “Dr. No.” Republicans hail him as an up-and-coming new face in the GOP leadership. He is Rep. Eric Cantor, the 5th-term Congressman from Richmond, Virginia – the Republican Whip in the House of Representatives. At press conferences, on cable interview programs or on the Sunday talk shows, Cantor is everywhere. His message: President Obama’s economic policies are short-sighted, too expensive, and give Washington too much power. He is known to get under the President’s skin, and even Democrats acknowledge he’s a smart and worthy opponent. And he has another distinction: he is the only Jewish Republican in the House of Representatives.

Tune in. Now that the Tax Day is over – we have to think about What – and who – is next.

—Media Lizzy