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Later this evening, Meghan McCain will  keynote the Log Cabin Republicans national convention, following an address from former National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman & former Congressman Tom Davis, (R-VA).  There are many within the social conservative movement, and the GOP at large that disagree vehemently with Miss McCain, and her father US Senator John McCain.

The name McCain induces a cringe among the rank and file. For ideological reasons.  But more compellingly, in my opinion, is the cringe I feel – along with millions of voters who tossed my party out of power for defending these cringe-worthy names: DeLay. Abramoff. Duke Cunningham.  Bob Ney. Mark Foley. Denny Hastert & his “Prairie Parkway.” The list goes on and on.  It’s not their ideology that bothers me – it was their blatant hypocrisy, moral failures, and corruption that make me cringe.

I want leaders who say what they mean. mean what they say. And are honorable people.  Without question – honor is first on my list. 

Yes, I understand folks have a genuine disagreement with Miss McCain but, that does not entitle them to belittle her personally.  As a woman with more than 15 years under my (garter) belt, I would like to welcome Miss McCain – and tell her to buckle up.  Once you step onto the field – folks to the right & left of you are all too eager to shoot at you, lie about you, and do anything they can to sap your dignity, your will, and ambition.  That is, when they aren’t trying to bask in your glow and raise money off of you and your good name.

Politics is one hell of a game. It can be rewarding and maddening. Mostly, it is just a lot of hard work.  The GOP is much different now than when we were a bunch of former Whigs and Free Soil folks, embracing the 10th Amendment.  State sovereignty matters.

Whether it is taxes or civil unions, the 10th Amendment should be the gold standard.

Without further adieu, here are quotes from her speech tonight:

The Log Cabin Republicans & Liberty Education Forum released the following excerpts from the address entitled, “The Moment is Now,” that blogger and journalist Meghan McCain will deliver at the organization’s 2009 National Dinner:

“And I have my Dad’s “heartburn-inducing” ability to say what he thinks almost whenever he wants.  The person who stands before you is not confined within the mold of what a daughter of a Republican Presidential candidate “should” be for some.  And that’s OK.  Our world is not confined by molds and neither should our nation.”

 “If there is one thing that gives me hope about the future of our party and the role you and the Log Cabin Republicans can play in it is this: there’s never been a better time to speak out.  People are listening.  And, they’re more open minded than ever before.  Maybe it’s because they’re worried about the future.  Maybe it’s because they’re so disenchanted with the past.  It’s probably a little of both.”

It would be easy to say my generation views politics very differently from others.  Maybe we’re more progressive, socially liberal or just hate arguing in lieu of actually solving the problems at hand.  But what I’ve learned though my experiences is that these feelings are not contained to one age group.  They’re the growing beliefs and desires of people of all ages, races, genders, faiths, persuasions and political parties.

You go girl, Godspeed, good luck and welcome to the circus.

—Media Lizzy