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Today, I’m listening to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discuss the economy with Donna Brazile and others… when he either 1) knowingly gave inaccurate figures or 2) is an idiot for not doing any GD research before he went on the air.  (fyi – it’s a shame CNN has some real disappointing reporters – because they overshadow the spectacular work of Ed Henry)

In Jan 2001, Total Federal debt ceiling was $5.6 trillion.

Day Obama got elected it stood at $9 Trillion.

Then, Speaker Nancy Pelosi – a Democrat – led the way to raise the debt ceiling to $10 trillion immediately before Obama was sworn-in on Inauguration Day.

President Obama’s Stimulus package raised it further. To $12.1 Trillion – before the budget was passed.

Which means: Total Federal Debt was raised $3.4 Trillion over EIGHT YEARS on President George W. Bush’s watch. Where did the money go? Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. September 11th. Afghanistan. Iraq. And the devastating tornadoes in Greenburg, Kansas – as well as many other things. And yes, some of it was TARP money. Money Obama voted FOR as Senator.

From Day One of the Obama presidency – he didn’t inherit the “Bush” economic problems. He voted to support them.

Just barely 90 days into his regime: the Gross Federal Debt Ceiling is already up $3.1 Trillion and counting. Where did the money go? Same black hole the rest of the TARP money went – but instead of Hank Paulson’s Christmas Card list, it is Geithner’s. And Pelosi’s.

Obama, once you include his budget – has cost Americans in 90 days almost as much as George W. Bush did in eight years. All under the guise of investing in our children’s future.

I “hope” they are right.

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Source: NPR