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The Wakefield Ruritan Club’s 61st annual Shad Planking, held last week, was marked by some sloppy drizzle (so I hear thru my Old Dominion grapevine) and 25,000 McAuliffe signs… almost as many Bob McDonnell for Governor signs – though his were bigger. Sure, Brian Moran was there… but so what.  This is my blog, I don’t have to be balanced.

The Shad Planking is an event you have to see to believe.  It’s bi-partisan, bringing out former Governors of both parties and other political luminaries. Not to mention the consultants get out there, get knee deep in the mud that always seems to be there and then, there’s the food. Volunteers get up at zero-dark-thirty, nail 1600 pounds of Shad (it’s fish for those of you unfamiliar) to boards for roasting. Half of that weight is bones, bones, bones. There’s also a whole lotta beer, cornbread, fried tout and sweet tea.

Plus, there are the good natured speeches.

Republican Bob McDonnell, most recently the Attorney General of Virginia, made a killer showing with thousands of signs.  He’s a Veteran.  (which earns major love from me) He is also intelligent, competent, charming and driven.  A man of good humor – and an even better record of fighting crime – and protecting the people of Virginia, as well as the nation.  He embodied the spirit of the day, with this mention of Terry McAuliffe and the Economy:

“I really do want to thank Terry for the $2.6 million he’s pumped into the Virginia economy over the last three months,” he said, referring to McAuliffe’s big-bucks campaign. “He has created 100 jobs for the people of Virginia.”

Terry McAuliffe is the gorgeous, sexy, charismatic Democrat who finally stepped into the political ring after a lifetime as Cheerleader, Fundraiser, Clinton apologist & Hack.   He has a great sense of humor, loves the dogfights and hard scrappy times in political trenches.  Political theatre is McAuliffe’s forte.  From his days of alligator wrestling to drinking shots on Morning Joe after the Puerto Rico presidential primary last year — I figured we’d hear some good stories about his shenanigans this year as he runs for Governor.  There was the plane he hired that flew over the Shad Planking with pro-Terry love for all to see.  Along with his 100 volunteers was a man in fuzzy yellow chicken suit – wearing a diaper – (I am not kidding) to represent McAuliffe’s proposal to turn poultry waste into fuel.  You can’t make this stuff up. 

I became a fan of McAuliffe years ago at a party at the Caucus Room, he simply won everyone over with his smile.   He wouldn’t get my vote – if I were still a Virginia voter,  McDonnell would be my man.   That said, all elections are improved by having guys in the race who generally “get it.” Understand the absurdity of politics.  It’s so much more fun to have nice guys running – being tough when it’s necessary, and festive when it’s not.  More than once, I have said choosing a president is like choosing a lover, or spouse.  And so it is with Governor.  McAuliffe wins the prize for Most Memorable Quote, Funniest Innuendo, and Political Quote of the Year:

“It’s not about the size of the signs, it’s about keeping it up all night”

Here, here.

—Media Lizzy