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Later today, I will interview former DoD official Bryan Del Monte about his role in crafting Detainee policy — and we will wade into the debate about interrogations, torture, and the ugly underbelly of keeping America safe.  While preparing for this show, I have read the recently released “terror memos.”  Which begged the question, what did the High Value Terrorist Detainee program accomplish? How successful were our Clandestine operators? What oversight and legal advice was really given? Were we made safer? Is waterboarding really torture, when we subject our servicemen to it repeatedly during SERE and other training maneuvers?

With humble thanks to the former Senior CIA Official that gave me some profound things to think about, some of which I will write about in the coming days, I highly recommend you read the following document – it was issued by the Director of National Intelligence in late summer 2006: SUMMARY OF THE HIGH VALUE TERRORIST DETAINEE PROGRAM.

Further, read this release from the Bush White House: Bringing the Terrorists to Justice.

And just in case those aren’t enough, let’s remind ourselves of what was written in The Washington Post  last November, from a 2002 Senate Intel Cmte Hearing:

“I know from my work on this committee for the past 10 years that lawyers at CIA sometimes have displayed a risk aversion in the advice they give their clients,” Democratic Sen. Bob Graham said during 2002 Senate intelligence committee hearings. Graham was typical then in complaining about “cautious lawyering” and in noting that “we are not living in times in which lawyers can say no to an operation just to play it safe.”

The Obama Administration, and the short-term memory loss of Speaker Pelosi & her Democratic colleagues have picked a fight they can not win here.  They have never been stakeholders in the national security apparatus – not in a real way.  They denigrate the service of Clandestine operators and Special Forces when they speak of what they do NOT know.

—Media Lizzy