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From Republican Whip Eric Cantor comes a strong statement regarding fiscal sanity, and American culture — both under assault from the Obama Administration.  While I absolutely recognize the passionate differences between average Americans and the political elite with regard to spending, war, abortion, education, etc… some things are indecent. 

Thank you, Eric for your steadfast leadership.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement as the House began consideration of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act (H.R. 2410):

“This authorization bill, which includes a thirty-five percent increase in the State Department’s basic operations account, is the latest to be larded up with unnecessary spending.  As Republicans work to eliminate wasteful Washington spending, Congressional Democrats and the Administration have taken the opposite approach of imposing massive spending increases upon the American taxpayer – all under the cloud of unprecedented deficits.

“This bill is full of troubling initiatives, including a massive spending increase to fund abortion in foreign countries through the Office of Global Women’s Issues – which Secretary Clinton acknowledged is a tool to promote abortion worldwide.  It makes no sense for American taxpayers to pay for abortions overseas when they disapprove of the procedure here at home. As recently as February, nearly 7 of 10 Americans do not support President Obama’s decision to reverse the prohibition on funding overseas abortion providers. The inclusion of taxpayer funding within this current bill is a blatant dismissal of the will of a majority of Americans.”

—Media Lizzy

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