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This column was originally published in 2006.

This man is Justin J. Molisani, Jr. He was killed by Islamic terrorists on September 11th. Justin was Senior VP for Eurobrokers in Two World Trade Center. Every place I have looked for information about him tells the same story… good man, big guy, big heart – loved his wife and daughter more than words could say. He & his wife were hosts for the neighborhood Christmas Party. One of 2,996 souls who were taken from their loved ones – and from America’s complicated and beautiful fabric.

New York Times: Portraits in Grief, Justin J. Molisani, Jr.

On September 11, 2001, Justin called his wife Jodi just after the first plane hit. His office was on the 82nd floor of Tower Two. After they hung up, Justin began evacuating his coworkers. Due to his efforts, about 80% of Eurobrokers employees escaped death by mere moments. His courage is one of so many examples of the courageous goodness in mankind. That he was an American, is our good fortune.

On Monday, all the Cable networks will show footage in real time of September 11, 2001. Some will stream the coverage in its entirety on their websites. Most will have some picture-in-picture stuff happening during the broadcasts. Newspapers have been sorting through photographs of that day, contemplating which to put on the front page.

President Bush will address the nation in prime time. America will grieve all over again. The memories for some have faded. For others, it will seem like yesterday. The sound of a loved one’s voice is harder to recall now. For others, it will be the first time they put an old home-video in the VCR… just to jar their memory. As a survivor, the burden to remember never fades. The words left unspoken wear on the tenuous connection we have to our past.

This weekend, remember Justin Molisani – and his wife Jodi, his daughter Morgan Lynn – in your prayers and thoughts. Gather your loved ones close, and raise a toast to this wonderful man. He was your brother too.

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