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As most folks know, I am not exactly former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin‘s biggest, most ardent fan.  She’s a capable, and welcome, addition to the ‘Culture-warrior’ class (thanks Bill O’Reilly for that catch phrase) and a best selling author.  In that role, I am happy to watch her develop, grow and make some electoral magic where she can.  On policy, I haven’t seen the detailed plans that make this former senior consultant happy.  To dispel my concerns, a one hour televised – and in-depth – discussion with Liz Cheney on foreign policy, a Middle East assessment, and a working knowledge of PM Netanyahu’s record and the hardening of Israel’s settlement stance as revealed at the Saban Center would be great. Wonderful even.  I’d love for Sarah Palin to discuss energy policy, not just oil – but a comprehensive plan.

To be clear, I want exactly the same things from anyone else contemplating a national role.  The folks I admire or like most already have their plans on the table.  It works for me. Makes me feel more confident as a voter.  Also, I thought she acquitted herself well on Oprah, and subsequent interviews. She’s telegenic to be sure – and over some GOP contenders, that’s a pretty big advantage.

Sexism has been a hot topic.  But I’m not going to discuss that tonight.  That’s coming in a column soon… it will be published elsewhere first – but I’ll make sure to post a link.

Liberals, many Democrats and oceans of progressives are obsessed with fact-checking Governor Palin’s book and criticizing her faith.  And I find it pretty weird, since they all still take Naomi Wolf’s phone calls. And she claims to have had a vision of herself, as a 13 year old boy in deep conversation with Jesus Christ.

Pardon me, folks. But having faith ain’t in the same league as claiming that Jesus Christ made a personal visit.

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