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I love the holidays… this weekend will be the major cook-fest.  I will mix up my own dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate recipes then hand-dip chocolate covered cherries and strawberries, coconut bonbons, coconut & cherry bonbons, peanut butter crunch bonbons… without a doubt, my much beloved grandmother will look down from her perch in the hereafter, happy that my daughter will know a bit of the magic that came before her.  The fillings are all her recipes, I take liberties with the chocolate. There may be time for making divinity, and spritz cookies too.

I love Christmas. Chanukah. Everything about this time of year is filled with promise.  And gratitude for faith, at least in my home.  This year brings so many more blessings than I could have imagined.  If the weather maps are to be believed, it will be a snowy holiday.  Lovely.

The Polar Express and Love Actually will no doubt be played on a loop, the exquisite aroma of love-infused treats and meals will keep us all warm and I will be thanking my lucky stars for so many blessings.  To all of my faithful readers, and those who drop by on occasion, know that I bid you all glad tidings for the season, and a very happy new year.

—Media Lizzy