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This is a  quick note to Democrats, Liberals, anti-war folks and others with whom I generally disagree on policy.  While I have friends who sit on the Left side of the aisle, for whatever reason – they never participated in the hatemongering or violent protests that were a staple of the Bush-Cheney years.  Perhaps that is because they’re journalists or grownups capable of civil discourse, so to my friends – you are excluded from the tirade about to erupt.

For eight years, protesters and operatives vehemently disapproved of then-President George W. Bush.  They opposed the war in Iraq.  There was name calling.  There were “BusHitler” signs at the protest rallies.    There were the incidents at the GOP Convention in Minneapolis where bleach was poured upon attendees. Elderly women were taunted and physically assaulted.  There were calls for the death of Dick Cheney.  There were many, many disgusting behaviors.

Unsubstantiated charges of racism and insane accusations – too numerous to list.  I get it, you hate the Grand Ol’ Party.  That’s cool.  But let us not pretend that being an antiwar or anti-Bush protester makes you more dignified, or a better person than anyone who registers Republican.

In November 2008, Americans elected Barack Obama as President.  In a landslide.  Unfortunately, many of his supporters could not find it in their hearts to be gracious winners.  To respect the millions of Americans who were persuaded by Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ – post-Partisan, post-racial appeal.  Independents and centrist Republicans voted for him.

One year after his inauguration, President Obama’s support continues to erode and yet… his adminstration, his political supporters, and many journalists wonder why.

It’s simple.  Respect.

Republicans, independents and Democrats want some dignity in the Oval Office.  We expect “Presidential timbre.”  We expect something more than military bearing from the president – though that would be an excellent place to start.

Much as US Senator Scott Brown closed the deal with Massachusetts voters by declaring the seat vacated by the recent death of Ted Kennedy as the “People’s Seat,” President Obama would be wise to recall the White House is the “People’s House.”  And that desk, that is the Resolute Desk.  That is ours too.

You want to heal the divisions between the parties, Mr. President?  Good.  Start by putting your tie on, take your feet off our desk and act like a President instead of the cool law professor who doesn’t give a damn about authority, propriety or the People who pay your salary.

Then we’ll talk policy.

—Media Lizzy

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