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Below is an excerpt to my column, American Exceptionalism, at Eric Morris’ site.  It seems all the more urgent after my participation in a joint conference call  with Humanity United, Save Darfur and the Enough Project.  They hosted many other voices.  I’m submitting my take to the Daily Caller shortly…and will post a link here.  IF they don’t pick it up, I’ll share it here.  Suffice it to say – President Obama has personally sanctioned the legitimization of Omar al Bashir, in my – and others’ – opinion.  And the journalism community has never, not once, disappointed me more than they did this morning.  On this call, I was the only journalist to ask a question.  Look for updates all week on the elections and ongoing genocide in Darfur.

For now, please note the following:

The threat of terrorism and jihad stands tallest to some.  The destruction of our economic freedom weighs first for others.  To some, it is the state of a world where the continent of Africa is still in chaos.  That is where the ugliness of slavery has never been eradicated.  The problems of Adams’ and Lady Spencer’s days are upon our shoulders as well.  No lessons were learned after the Middle Passage, not really.  From Apartheid to the Rwandan Genocide, to conflict diamond mining and child soldiers, to the deaths of millions because of preventable diseases and starvation, to the genocide in Darfur that still goes on today… all because no one has ever held to account those who were the genesis of Africa’s demise.

I pray for leadership that will stand coequal with Old Man Eloquent but that man is not in evidence today, as our own President sanctions the genocide in Darfur with no more thought than the Spanish who believed the Mende people to be slaves.

Please read it all, HERE.

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