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Just a quick note…. I am finishing up a piece about the 2012 elections.  The article will focus on the genesis of evil, the malignant narcissism infecting politicians, and the profound hope I feel – because of the American spirit.  Lately, it’s been heavy around here.  From my thoughts on slavery and Islam during the time of John Quincy Adams – the the ongoing genocide in Sudan.  Going forward, I will discuss the impact women have on society – and how beauty can be perceived in so many ways.

To this day, the article most viewed – and the one I get the most email about is Beautiful, Successful and Hated.  My readers, enthusiastic – occasional – or the drive-bys, never cease to amaze me.  Second only to that piece are the series of pieces regarding the Playboy “Hate-f#c%” articles.  Note to self…sex, beauty & violence sell.

After the 2012 piece hits the page – my article Inner Beauty will make it’s debut.  Women must acknowledge and live with painful truths every day.  Men are wondrous, amazing creatures.  They nurture our femininity.  There are some powerful examples of triumph and inspiration, my goal will be to open your eyes to the majesty around you – and how history teaches us to love our inner beauty, our aesthetic beauty, and to see them – we just need a vision correction.

—Media Lizzy