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Yes, faithful readers – my focus has taken a turn towards human rights and Africa.  If you have read my stuff for very long, you know that I have been interested in such affairs since 1984.  I have written about it and advised statewide and federal candidates about the importance of intellectual consistency with regard to this issue, and how it balances out with other issues inside our borders.  Never fear, I will still cover all the GOP Senate races and gubernatorial bids.

Here is the thing…2012 matters.  A lot.  Drawing a straight line through America’s complicated history needs to be done.  And this Magnolia is just the one to begin that chart.  For now, understand that the elections in Sudan and the brutal war in Congo, as well as the rampant slavery across Africa – in Mauritania and Uganda and elsewhere – matter.  These events have a direct correlation to America’s foreign policy.  And our lingering domestic problems with race.

—Media Lizzy

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