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There are many reasons to like or dislike a man of David Horowitz’ stature.  He’s controversial, confrontational but also a very smart man who elicits honesty where others fear to tread.  In the video below, he point blank asks a female member of the University of California San Diego’s Muslim Students Association whether she agrees with the leader of Hizbollah’s assertion that he hopes all the Jews will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to “hunt them down” — Horowitz goes for the jugular with the clean interrogative: “FOR IT or AGAINST IT?”

The young woman replies simply: “FOR IT.”

My take on this is also a simple one.  Either you are against genocide, of any people, for every reason.  Or you are for genocide.  Unless and until Western civilization recognizes there is real evil out there…terrorism, genocidal and homicidal ideations will exploit the innocent, the poverty stricken and the most vulnerable among us.  We have an obligation to stand for what is right and defend the defenseless.

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h/t The Daily Caller