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How many of us can imagine life with no home, no food, no medicine, no vaccines, no hope for a better life? Merely existing? Millions have no bed, no sustenance and are on the run from conflict, rape, human degradation, slavery and famine. They have no freedom, no liberty, no Declaration of Independence. No rights. Nothing.

In the West, we enjoy freedom from fear. We have an obligation to live up to our promise as a people. We have the ability to force leaders and governments to set aside partisanship and domestic machinations and foreign interests…to agree upon a moral baseline. Right and wrong. Good and evil.  Political violence isn’t valid. When violence and oppression are tools of Statecraft – we have an obligation to stand up.

In Sudan alone, there are 4.9 million refugees. June 20th is World Refugee Day. Invite one into your home through support or awareness. Do something.

—Media Lizzy

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