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Leave it to Adam Bellow. Collecting the finest essays and thoughts from brilliant people like Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Hannan, David Mamet, among others, Bellow’s latest offering, New Threats to Freedom,  via his Templeton Press is remarkable. I’m awaiting my copy (though I have had a sneak peak) and will review it here soon.

As always with Adam Bellow…there is more. This time, he has opened an essay contest to all.  National security and freedom are the backbone of what defines us. Please read the following, and if you enter the contest – drop a link in the comments section. I’d love to see what my readers are thinking.

From Templeton Press:

The New Threats to Freedom Blog Contest invites bloggers to write about which threat to freedom they think is most critical to our society today. This can be a threat from the book or not.

The contest will be open until noon on August 15, 2010. Winners will be announced by September 1, 2010.

Contest Topic

In the twentieth century, free people faced a number of mortal threats, ranging from despotism, fascism, and communism to the looming menace of global terrorism. While the struggle against some of these overt dangers continues, some insidious new threats seem to have slipped past our intellectual defenses. These often unchallenged threats are quietly eroding our hard-won freedoms and, in some cases, are widely accepted as beneficial.

In New Threats to Freedom, editor and author Adam Bellow has assembled an all-star lineup of thirty innovative thinkers to challenge these insidious new threats, including:

·        Anne Applebaum on The Decline of American Press Freedom

·        Max Borders on The Urge to Regulate

·        Michael Goodwin on The Loss of the Freedom to Fail

·        Christopher Hitchens on Multiculturalism and the Threat of Conformity

·        Greg Lukianoff on Students against Liberty

·        Katherine Mangu-Ward on the War on Negative Liberty

·        Mark Mitchell T. on Ingratitude and the Death of Freedom

·        Michael C. Moynihan on The Anticapitalists

·        Ron Rosenbaum on Cyber-Anonymity

·        Stephen Schwartz on Shariah Law in the West

·        Shelby Steele on Orthodoxy and Freedom in International Aid

A full list of the essays along with selected excerpts and videos can be found here. Did the book get it all wrong? Did it overlook the most important threat of all. Let us know!

In the spirit of these essays, write or post a response to the question:

What is an emerging threat to freedom and why is it critical to address it in today’s society?


Contest entrants must publish their post on a personal or professional blog. Entrants must eighteen years or older. Entrance in this contest grants Templeton Press the non-exclusive right to reprint your submission on the New Threats to Freedom website or other promotional outlets.


First Place        $500

The winning entry may also be considered for inclusion in the paperback edition of New Threats to Freedom.

Entry Deadline

Entries must be posted on a personal or professional blog no later than August 15, 2010, by 11:59 p.m. EST.


Blog posts must be 500 words or less

Links to entries must be e-mailed to tpinfo@templetonpress.org

Blog posts must contain the following postscript:

This post is an entry in the blog contest responding to the new book, New Threats to Freedom edited by Adam Bellow. The contest is open to all and further information can be found here.

Make sure “here” links to this URL: http://newthreatstofreedom.com/contests/

Style Guidelines

  • Blog posts must be in English.
  • Posts must be original works written by the submitter and must not have been previously published elsewhere.
  • Spelling, grammar, and clarity will be considered in judging.

Judging Procedure

Editors and contributors to New Threats to Freedom will evaluate submissions blindly.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced on www.newthreatstofreedom.com no later than September 1, 2010. Winning posts will be published on the site.

—Media Lizzy

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