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If you read nothing else today, read Dan Abrams column at Mediaite. It is true, poignant and critically important to understanding the “why” factor.

An excerpt:

That is how I first heard that one of my few and truest loves, Julia Rolle, died this weekend by falling or jumping off a cliff in Palos Verdes California. I had not spoken to Julia in years and since we don’t really share any of the same friends, I probably never would have seen the article in the Dailybreeeze.com if not for a friend who just happened on it (subsequently the Huffington Post picked up the story).

I don’t blame the reporter, Sandy Mazza at all. In fact his or her report was the sort of nuts and bolts report that reporters are trained to do. Stick to the facts, but don’t ignore the obvious possibilities.

Read the rest HERE.

—Media Lizzy

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