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Over the years, I have been fortunate to acquire friends, colleagues and acquaintances across the political and ideological spectrum. Each one of them possesses a unique, interesting take on politics. While they make cogent, passionate and well-organized arguments – I am still an establishment-friendly Republican and so we often agree to disagree.

Which works fine, makes for entertaining conversations over coffee, or dinner. What disturbs me is the attempt by some folks, liberal or conservative, who are apparently engaged in a “hate-off” competition, where the weapons are hyperbole, ignorance and rage. Such behavior appalls me. I don’t think the jokes some conservatives tell are anything but racist, and I’ve often criticized their ranks. On more than one occasion I have railed against the anti-war rhetoric that was exploitative or vile. But rarely have I laughed sooooo hard as when John Cusack blocked me on Twitter.

Apparently, mentioning the proper spelling and context of “hypocrite” is an offense against his conscience. It would be hilarious if not so pathetic.

This silliness got me to thinking…if Cusack and his pals behave just like the birthers who behave like the truthers, maybe they should all be one one team.  Their issues are different, to be certain. Abortion, anti-Newt, or anti-War, or whatever – but not every players plays the same position. He’s Left Field, Orly Taitz is Right Field. But their actions place them all on the same team.

Reasonable people exist on both sides of the aisle, and they don’t engage in a “hate-off.” Just a thought.

—Media Lizzy