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ATESTThere are more slaves today than at any point in history.  The failure of civilized, first world nations to eradicate the selling of our fellow human beings is creating a hell-on-earth that only Dante Alighieri could have brought into nightmarish focus.  Slavery, trafficking, mass rapes and other war crimes are just some of the reasons why we went conflict-mineral free for Christmas gifts this year.  Knowing that electronics manufacturers could begin solving this problem – by charging consumers just ONE PENNY more per product, and that they choose instead to hide behind bureaucratic red tape cost them  our family’s business. Sure, it’s only a nickel to them. But to me – those five red cents are just that. Red.

Blood Red. And as 1,500 women, boys and girls are raped or murdered each and every day in the Congo alone: it won’t be blood on my hands. Or my daughter’s.




—Media Lizzy

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