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This column originally appeared at the3six5.

Writing. And trying to save babies, children and their mothers in Africa and other impoverished places. Raising my own daughter. This is what my days consist of on the macro scale. Micro? This morning I watched the almost-full moon rise and set, knowing that I would be ready for the day before the rest of the world had its pants on.

Not every day begins with reading, sometimes I’m in the car thinking, or meeting, about the women in Congo and the people of South Sudan and Darfur, who pray against all evidence to the contrary for salvation and freedom. For their families to live freely from the fear of genocide. What I love most are the stories about love. Love: this is my favorite word. Love makes me grateful.

When I am grateful, I remember to be more forgiving. And I remember that we all could use more love, more forgiveness. Love is also patience and joy. Today was about joy, I got to hold my friend Cherylyn’s young children and listen to their laughter. I got to witness my daughter’s self-confidence and independent nature blossom. I shared lunch with a new friend who feels like an old friend.

And then I found I was grateful all over again for the quiet time for myself. Okay, it’s not that quiet. I have Lauryn Hill, U2 and R.E.M. to keep me company.


About the author: Elizabeth Blackney (@medializzy) is a writer, a happy girl, who thinks George Clooney and John Prendergast deserve a Nobel Prize for the Satellite Sentinel Project. She also shares her thoughts on politics at www.medializzy.com and Africa at www.genoticed.com.