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Richard Grenell, longest serving American spokesman at the United Nations, penned a profile of me and my hunger strike for The Huffington Post today. His words are exceedingly kind and I am deeply grateful for his assistance in bringing awareness to the plight of our Sisters in Congo.

They face the worst, most barbaric sexual and gender based violence in recorded human history. The truth is the truth, whether we like it or not. They find hope and grace in each day. As a mother, as a woman, I am inspired by them. Every moment of every day.

Here’s a little from the Grenell piece:

Elizabeth Blackney is on her 38th day of a hunger strike to get President Barack Obama to pay attention to the plight of the women of the Congo. So far, the White House hasn’t noticed. But Blackney is hoping her final few days of the 40-day campaign will catch the attention of someone at 1600 Pennsylvania. Blackney says, “Approximately 1152 women and girls, aged 15-49, are raped every day in the Congo.” And the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) needs help combating the problem. “The president should do something about it.”

Please read the rest HERE.

—Media Lizzy