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A devastating loss of 38 lives in Afghanistan today. Taliban forces shot down a NATO Chinook helicopter with 17 Navy SEALs aboard, five SEAL support personnel, and eight other US Special Operators. The men are lost to us, the cause of freedom, and above all – to each other and their families.  These are men from the now famous DevGru.

Warfare today is different than in ancient Greece but SEALs wear a trident, evoking Poseidon’s might and power. They protect and ensure freedom. The loss to our national security will surely be felt. It takes many years to train a Navy SEAL. Their linguistic skills, battlefield prowess, close-quarters strategy and infinitely focused and unparalleled minds – and hearts – are irreplaceable. They have faced evil and beaten it down, time and again.

They are loved. Their names will not be etched in stone, like Achilles or more appropriately, Hector. But their contributions to history are no less great. They defeated terrorists that clung to the mythos of evil, and brought justice. Every day.

May love surround their brothers, their families and lovers. Remember these heroes for their inherent sense of justice and their fearless devotion to duty, honor and freedom. Boots on, from The Mog to AfPak. Hooyah.

—Media Lizzy

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