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For consideration and discussion. Something occurred to me this morning, reading over the latest from the Occupy Wall Street protests and the report from Reuters informing the world Libyan Dictator Muammar Qaddafi was captured by rebels. Reuters is also reporting that Qaddafi has died from wounds sustained during his capture. The US State Department has not yet confirmed this information. Update: graphic photo via The Atlantic, reportedly of Qaddafi.

This made me think about warfare and eliminating dictators as threats.

The Greatest Generation took out Yamamoto, Hitler, Mussolini. Young and old, people across the world came together and got it done.

Baby Boomers went to Vietnam because JFK wanted to pick a fight, they stayed and shed blood in Vietnam under Johnson and Nixon. Pol Pot and others slaughtered millions in the wake of Boomers antipathy for the fight. The bad guys got to stay in power. Boomers turned to smoking weed, took to the streets, protests grew and finally troops came home. There was no cogent leadership. The Boomers height of power came under the shadow cast by Nixon. Nixon’s greed for power led to his demise. Boomers experience with war and leadership was nearly the opposite of the Greatest Generation.

[This is only about war, not about the Civil Rights movement.]

Generation X has taken out Saddam Hussein twice. They deposed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan. They pursued Usama bin Ladin relentlessly until success came. Now, reportedly, Muammar Qaddafi has been removed from power.

On the sidelines but still in the fray are Generation Jones & Generation Y, also known as the Millenials. They exist in the margins, somewhere between fighting for good and fighting for entitlement.

Obama is the consummate Generation Jones man. It was that appeal to the millenials that gave his campaign youthful connections and energy in 2008. He possessed all the rhetoric but bore none of the responsibility. Now that the millenials are growing up, will they embrace the entitlement mindset of Boomers, as Obama has done? Or will they stand with Generation X and craft their own, more honorable path?

The Greatest Generation has much in common with Gen Xers, they have seen war and despair and forged success. The millennials have a chance. Let us pray they will take it.