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A little end of the year news: I recently joined colleagues and peers in The Arena at Politico.  Other than Mike Allen’s Playbook, it’s my favorite feature of Politico.

My latest is a note to my fellow Republicans, establishment and grassroots alike. Here is an excerpt:

Just beyond the Iowa Caucuses lies New Hampshire, then South Carolina and Super Tuesday states. The Republican Party needs to focus on what the election is actually about: electing the next president of the United States. This isn’t about ideological purity tests administered by the “conservatives” or palatable foreign policy views of the “hawks.”

If Republicans are serious about challenging President Barack Obama for the chance to lead the United States, and the world, for the next four years, they need to focus beyond the immediate. Build a vision. Shame people who behave shamefully, who are dangerous like Ron Paul. Question flip-flops in a serious manner. Reward the candidates who behave with the dignity the office of the president demands.

Read the rest HERE.

—Media Lizzy

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