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Dim the lights. Pour three fingers of a good, solid whiskey. And say a quiet prayer for the exquisite, unparalleled Etta James who has slipped her mortal bonds and now rests with Our Father. If there is justice in Heaven, she kicked off her shoes and is singing with the Angels.

Her voice, her evocative and provocative, was divine in At Last…a song so timeless. But for me, it is Etta’s bounce. Her fluid passion. Her unbridled ability to connect that enchants me. Love should always feel like a revival, it should embody all the potential for pain, for pleasure and for mercy that is contained in Seven Day Fool.

Dearest Etta…while your light here on earth may be extinguished, there are stars in Heaven that have never shone so bright now that you are among their neighbors. Godspeed.


—Media Lizzy

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