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My latest in The Huffington Post is on George Clooney’s recent visit to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan and his return to DC. From Antinov bombing raids, rocjet attacks and a thousand flashing cameras…

“Today, more than three years into the Obama Administration, the people of the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, the Blue Nile and Abyei are acutely aware of what war crimes feel like. In Darfur, a “slow-motion genocide,” as presidential contender Mitt Romney recently noted, is underway. People are being slaughtered because of their ethnicity in the Nuba Mountains. They have retreated into caves, leaving behind their pastoral and self-sustaining lifestyle in fear for their lives.

George Clooney delivered powerful testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations committee this week. Armed with passionate, first person details and a powerful video, his appearance was compelling. A Co-Founder of the Satellite Sentinel Project, Clooney shared a harrowing tale of incoming rockets and Antinov planes dispatched by the Government of Sudan dropping bombs.

Clooney was clear, forceful and realistic. The “Nuban people are incredibly vulnerable,” prefaced a story about a nine year old boy who lost his hands in a bombing raid. The young boy is featured in the graphic documentary Clooney and Prendergast shared during the hearing. He noted “constant drip of fear” and how the lives are being destroyed. Crops have gone unplanted. The actions of the Government of Sudan are blockading humanitarian aid access, slaughtering innocent people. The “exact same people who did this in Darfur are doing this.”

Questioned by Senator Jonny Isaakson about the prevalence of rape, noting he remembered it being a key component of the crimes against humanity during the Darfur genocide, Clooney responded in the affirmative. “The exact same patterns we saw in Darfur” are present. Prendergast added, “massive atrocities are still underway.”

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—Media Lizzy

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