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Across Sudan, there are protests larger than any protest since President Omar al Bashir seized power in 1989 by executing a violent coup. With outstanding warrants from the International Criminal Court for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, for the many atrocities conceived and ordered by Bashir and his henchman, Bashir faces a populace exhausted by the violence and corruption.

There are fractures beginning to appear in his political arm, the NCP.

State run media is NO BUENO. Bashir’s uncle shutters newspaper in an effort to prevent journalists from reporting the protests.

Proof that Bashir is depraved? His regime fired on a funeral procession.

Radio Dabanga is providing excellent coverage of the situation on the ground. Nuba Reports also has good stuff.

On Twitter, follow the #SudanRevolts, #Abena, and #Sudan hashtags for real time updates.

Read this excellent primer from John Prendergast of the Enough Project in The Daily Beast. Also, to see photos of the protests, Girifna’s Flickr Account is excellent – EXPLICIT, GRAPHIC IMAGES. This isn’t a photo set for the squeamish about war violence.

For the advocacy angle, ACT FOR SUDAN has great ways to get involved. Also, follow them on Twitter.

Also, check out Mukesh Kapila. Hard Core.

Stay tuned. Much more to come.