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Below is an excerpt of my latest piece in The Huffington Post. After learning of the unfolding, evolving scandal with the de-chartered fraternity Epsilon Iota, EI. The organization was a chapter of Alpha Tau Omega until it lost its charter in 2001 from American University and the national organization.

My choice not to attend was difficult. This column addresses why, and as I speak with many more students, faculty, and alum of American – I realize just how much more there is to this story. There are enough young women who do not feel safe on the campus to compel action, oversight, and tangible changes. Strongly worded statements aren’t enough. Stay tuned for my follow up later this week.

In part, my column reads thus:

Date rape and the occasional tussle exists only on the fringes, right? We whisper and gossip. We hope it’s not happening to our daughters. We hope it’s not our sons and their friends. We hope our daughters are not rounding up their girlfriends to go to parties like this. We hope our sons wouldn’t drop a roofy, rohypnol, into the glass of an unsuspecting girl with the express intent of raping her. Or vomiting on her for amusement. We hope.

Unfortunately the Epsilon Iota gents, dechartered by American and by Alpha Tau Omega’s national organization in 2001, bragged and joked about both. One brother offers that he’s got the “hook up” for Adderall and other study drugs. They are not technically a part of Greek life at American but they still have a house. They attend school and receive their degrees, without consequences. The brothers involved are not exclusively privileged white kids; reviewing cached images of their deleted LinkedIn and other social media profiles shows their bad behavior is color blind. It’s not just the behavior, though; it is evil.

One young man notes, “She had a friend who got raped at our house? I would like to meet this lying c&#t and show her how African men treat their woman.” Another encouraged his brothers to “hit me up if you need a hot b!#%h to vomit all over.”

Concerned about rumors that EI was being characterized as a “rape gang” on campus, and the accusations being made by a female student, another brother engaged in this way “…I think if my goal was to beat her, first of all she would have been in the hospital, second, I would have probably been in jail by now…” Classic victim-blaming with a huge dose of “she deserved it” rhetoric for good measure. Charming…

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