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18 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. thanks for post about california delegates but print was too fuzzy, could you email pdf or link to better copy. thanks

  2. Hi it is nice pic and your all great.
    from Nepal

  3. Joe:
    I’ve re-posted the pic of the California Delegate map – when you click on it, it should take you to the large, more readable version.


  4. janet ney said:

    hi! some of the bloggers from Redstate have gotten together to create a place for research, writing and getting the information out re: true conservatism…wanna play?


  5. Hi,
    Just found an interesting article about Obama generation.

    Thanks for speaking up for GenX!

  6. Lizzy,

    Thank you for introducing me to Word Press. The blog I have on here has a lot more traffic than on my Blogger site. You might recoginze my name from there, but it’s more than likely from BlogTalk Radio. (They’re both the same)

    Vortex of Freedom

    P.S. The views I express in my WordPress blog are not mine. I am trying to write a fictional blog of an independent running for president.

  7. lizzy, what do you think about obama’s nomination? do you think democrats now have more or less chance to win the election?

    take care

  8. Media Lizzy,

    Would you like to address this issue on your show:

    I’d like to learn more about it and you know how to get the inside scoop.


  9. Media Liz = Freya!

  10. Richard said:

    Say lady right winger, you look healthy. Why don’t you follow your idea’s and get your as… over to Iraq, YOUR war?

    See what’s it like to be shot at, maybe lose an eye, leg, or arm, or are you afraid? DON’T forget, it’s YOUR WAR, YOU STARTED IT, YOU FINISH IT.

    Your makeup might melt in the heat, will that upset you? Make you “whine,” which is what the McCain campaign says Americans are [this comes from the very well off mind you ?!?]

    AND you can pay for the war too. It’s only $ 1000 a second, $ 360,000 AN HOUR ! But we will ONLY owe Red China the debt we’ve borrowed for say 30 years, they will probably take over the world because of YOUR WAR and you will wake up each day worried about what Red China has said or done while you slept.

  11. I am a Gold Star Wife, Richard. That’s why I’m not in Iraq.

    And the national debt to China? Supporting McCain means understanding that a balanced-budget should be a priority. Electing John McCain, who would veto wasteful spending, is a great place to start.

    Not to mention… it’s not like Obama is going to end the war in Iraq. He’s already endorsed President Bush’s FISA stance by supporting retro-active telecom immunity. And Obama – after being shamed into visiting Iraq – will return from Iraq and Afghanistan and support John McCain’s position on the surge, and he’ll be conciliatory toward Petraeus, because it is the Right thing to do.

    Thanks for the visit, and I appreciate your comment. However uninformed. Next time, try a little research before making a personal attack.

  12. The topic of health care in the 2008 U.S. presidential election is one that is high on the minds of Americans. However, while most people are well aware of the immense challenges facing our health system (rising costs of medical care, malpractice, high prescription drug costs, medical bankruptcies, employers dropping coverage, 47 million uninsured Americans, etc.), they have less understanding of the specific solutions proposed by Senators Obama and McCain.

    We invite you to write a post about the topic of health care in ’08. There are clear policy differences between the Obama and McCain plans, who come from two differing philosophies on health care reform.

    “HealthDecision ’08: Obama and McCain on Health Care” is an initiative by ( to help potential voters understand each candidate’s position. It is an objective comparison of the two platforms, and provides analysis as to the strengths and weaknesses of each. Most importantly, HealthDecision ’08 provides an interactive voting tool that allows users to “vote” for a preferred plan. HealthDecision can be accessed at

    HealthDecision ’08 will provide you with much of the primary research with which to form a post. In addition, we provide you with links to third-party election coverage from, NPR, The New England Journal of Medicine, NY Times, National Journal, U.S. News, WebMD and many other sites, that may serve as supplemental information sources.

    I hope you’ll join us in our effort to raise voter understanding on this very important issue. We hope that you will use our information, and also link your readers to our site in order to have their voices heard.

    Lastly, if you’re interested in posting real-time results of the HealthDecision ’08 poll, please reply to this email for instructions on embedded our widget onto your blog.

    Thank you.

  13. You can say what you like about the candiates but Gov. Palin’s child is NOT AFFLICTED with Down Syndrome. It’s not like malaria or some other disease that the child was unlucky enough to catch. She’s a baby.

  14. A Buck for John "Wayne" McCain said:


    On my next paycheck, I’ll be making a small donation to Senator McCain to show my support. If everyone was able to put just a dollar in, I think it would boost Republican morale.

    It made me sick to hear Obama tell everyone at his rally if they haven’t voted yet, early voting was open and they should go after the rally to vote.
    What’s the hurry? Oh….. right.


    To more accurately reflect the Liberal Agenda, they just should add two more words to their early voting cry,
    “Vote Early, Vote OFTEN!”

    Have a great week,

  15. Never Give Up, My Life, I Pledge said:

    Dear Lizzy,

    I know you have a dear BTR friend named Nikki,
    who in turn is dear friends with Marla Cilley aka FLYlady, who in turn is dear friends with Ryan Shupe and Eric Dodge.
    These guys have songs that speak of REAL America that I’d like you to hear.

    I hope you like them as much as I do and maybe if you like them enough to have them on your show they will inspire some of us who are feeling defeated that this is our life that we have to fight for (My Life, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband), our country (I Pledge, Eric Dodge) that we are and have to be proud of and support, and that it is not quite over and will not even be over Nov. 4th (Never Give Up, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband).

    Have a Great Day, You GREAT AMERICAN you!

    Monika🙂, <— Not quite able to keep up with everything but still trying to pay attention.

  16. Barack not allowed to run for president? said:

    Is this on the fringe or actually has teeth?;jsessionid=DEF79F8C3C392639AC84F78CE372FDD8?dispid=304&headerDest=L3BnL2pzcC9tZWRpYS9mbGFzaHdlbGNvbWUuanNwP3BpZD0zNDI2JnBsYXlsaXN0PXRydWUmY2hhcnR0eXBlPWNoYXJ0JmNoYXJ0SUQ9MzA0JnBsYXlsaXN0U2l6ZT05MA==

    Savage Nation

    I’m confused. And there is suppose to be tapes release this weekend that reflect Michelle’s true opinion of “whitey”.

    Is this all TOO late to change the minds of the undecideds?

    I know you may not have the answers but are the questions good questions?

    Have a great weekend! M

  17. Thanks for the article–it was quite insightful.
    Before the election, I read Roland Merullo’s “American Savior” and experienced a similar theme from it.

    Although I’m a product of the “old school”, I’ve found that by keeping my mind open, the world really shows itself unfolding in interesting ways. Evolution isn’t just a biological thing!

    And for those who are sceptics (which isn’t necessarily bad), I’m going to offer this:
    Believe nothing but entertain possibilities.

  18. Shalom Liz:
    Why do you NOT focus on exile’s end, and mankind’s redemptive trajectory?

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